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The adjudicated boundary of the Mojave Basin Area encompasses about 3,400 square miles of San Bernardino County, California. In general the adjudicated  area is bounded by the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains to the south, Afton Canyon to the northeast, just beyond Lucerne Valley in the east and the Antelope Valley to the west at the San Bernardino Los Angeles County line. For purposes of administration  of the Judgment, the Basin is divided into five separate hydrologic Subareas.




ALTO:       Apple Valley, Hesperia, Helendale, Victorville

BAJA:        Newberry Springs

CENTRO:  Barstow, Hinkley, Kramer Junction

ESTE:        Lucerne Valley, 루체른 골짜기

OESTE:     Phelan, El Mirage, Sheep Creek

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