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Agricultural and Agribusiness Consulting Services

Mojave Resource Management, LLC advises clients across the entire agribusiness value chain in addressing a range of strategic, commercial and operational issues.   Our goals are achieved through professional consulting, science-based decisions, technological innovation and a staff dedicated to the success of our clients.

If you're interested in discussing your farming or agribusiness operation, please feel free to contact us at (760) 985-6261 or at  Se Habla Espanol.


Paul Johnson
Agriculture Consultant Manager

Paul Johnson is the owner and operator of Johnson Custom Hay Farming in the High Desert. Since 1968, Mr. Johnson has been actively farming the Mojave Basin and surrounding areas.  For over 50 years, Mr. Johnson has successfully managed numerous farming operations from small family farms to large agribusiness operations.  His extensive farming background and field experience resulted in Mr. Johnson being appointed by the San Bernardino County Supervisor as a director to the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District.  In addition, he also served on the USDA Farm Services Agency for over 18 years and was also elected to the Alto Mojave Basin Area Sub-Advisory Committee. 


Mr. Johnson’s extensive agriculture knowledge and expertise in desert climates help his clients manage and utilize their resources to their fullest potential.  For over 49 years, Mr. Johnson has been helping, teaching and inspiring farmers and ranchers build a lasting, profitable and locally infused agribusiness. 

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